2018-03-27 Gopher Space

(As seen on the gopher mailing list.)

Greetings, gopherites!

I would like to announce that I am now offering free gopher hosting to anybody who wants it on my new server at circumlunar.space.

The idea is you generate an ssh keypair, mail me your public key and desired username, and I will set you up with a 200MB disk quota and sftp access (chrooted to your homedir). Your stuff will be accessible from gopher://circumlunar.space/~yourname/. You can host anything you like that will not result in the VPS provider terminating my account or with me landing in court or prison.

This service is intended to make gopherspace accessible to interested persons who for whatever reason are unwilling or unable to run their own server. Unlike other free hosting providers like SDF, tilde.town, etc., gopher hosting is the main attraction at circumlunar.space. If you are not interested in maintaining a gopherhole, there is no purpose in joining. Hopefully this will avoid the typical profusion of abandoned and/or broken gopherholes with only a single “hello gopher, lol!” file inside.

Please share this notice with anybody you know who may be interested in getting into gopherspace.




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