2018-03-30 the Web is Broken

At the office, our app doesn’t quite work correctly at the client‘s site because of security issues, we think. Something about the Internet Explorer handling sandboxes when links are followed and how to enable JavaScript at the target location.

Just reading that paragraph gives me slight nausea. The simple fact that I need to know about Content Security Policy (CSP) tells me that some serious overengineering has taken place.

It should be as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. HTTP 1.0
  2. HTML 2.0
  3. CSS 3.0

Something like this.

I feel like I want a web browser for iOS that looks like lynx. I want to use the mouse to scroll and click. But I think I can do without pictures, videos, and JavaScript. I can even do without fonts and colors and text sizes.

I feel silly for saying it but reading gopher sites using VF-1 is so pleasant it amazes me every day. Just text.



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