2018-03-31 Love and Death

Off to Japan for three weeks.

I don’t remember the last time I went on holidays with strangers, without visiting family and without my wife. I keep thinking about a hike along the Beara peninsula in Ireland, must have been when I was around 20 I guess. So, 25 years ago? She really is my most favorite person, ever. I hope you all don’t mind my rambling at the airport as I wait for the plane.

Pictures… A trip down memory lane... looking at an album I made with my first digital camera. Back then I thought 640x480 pixels was plenty. We sailed from Portugal to Morocco and back. Fifteen years ago. We look so young.

When we were young, we feared that we might not keep the relationship going. So many breakups all around us. We met in Highschool, both being each other’s first partner. It seemed so hard. So many misunderstandings. So many tears. But now we’re older and we fear simply dying of cancer, in air plane crashes, car accidents, and being left behind.

We used to not fear death. We never even thought about it. But then she got cancer and everything changed. It’s gone now, but it could be back anytime. And the fear is back whenever there is a lumps somewhere, whenever we go do the checkups. The feeling when she gets out of MRI and they didn’t find anything. Such relief!

Anyway, enough rambling. I need to go to the gate.

(Based on a Mastodon thread.)



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