2018-05-10 Pictures from Japan

Finally, some pictures!

And some links to go along with it:

With all the talk of and privacy and not putting pictures of people online, and specially not of any kids, and having been to Japan without my wife, I decided to not put any of my friends nor their family into the album. Now it looks a bit lonely and dreamlike. I don’t know whether I like it. My wife thinks I’m weird and putting people into public albums is what you do. And I just think of future archaeologists wondering where all the people went.

“Do you think the anthropogenic extinction event, you know the one at the end of the Anthropocene, do you think it’s possible that humans started disappearing around the same time? There is a marked drop in human depictions in the electronic evidence for the years leading up to the Great Flood. What do you think? Religious issues? Changes in the legal framework? Or a drop in male fertility?”



As always, notes to myself: I’ve moved from fgallery to Sitelen Mute (a fork of fgallery).

perlbrew exec --with perl-5.22.0-thread-multi ~/src/sitelen-mute/fgallery -f --title "Japan 2018" --description "Alex, Zeno und seine Kinder, und Chris mit Frau und Kindern machen Ferien in Japan." --url https://alexschroeder.ch/gallery/2018-japan/ /Volumes/Data/Pictures/Fotos\ 2018/Japan/Alex/Album-Alex/ /Volumes/Data/Pictures/Fotos\ 2018/2018-japan


rsync --progress --recursive -e "ssh -p 882" /Volumes/Data/Pictures/Fotos\ 2018/2018-japan alexschroeder.ch:alexschroeder.ch/gallery/

– Alex 2018-05-10 10:51 UTC

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