2018-05-25 Libratone Speakers Privacy Policy

I own two Libratone Loop speakers. Libratone is a Danish company.

There is an app that comes along with them which you can use to set some speaker parameters. This used to be fine, I felt. Years ago, I suddenly had to register in order to use the app. I hated that.

With the GDPR I got many mails, including one by Libratone, linking to their Privacy Policy. At the very top:

One of the key features of the App is to connect you to personalized audio content based on your listening preferences and interactions with the App (which is described more fully below). If you are not interested in this feature, you should not sign up to use the App and you should delete the App from your device. This will not affect your ability to stream audio content to your Product via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or any other means of connectivity (connectivity options vary between models).

I guess I don’t get to use those speaker parameters. Let’s hope they didn’t make much of a difference.

Now I want to delete my account with them and I can’t find the link. Should I just send them mail? Wouldn’t that be great: a barrage of counter-spam for all the people out there.

At least all those emails must have alerted people all over the world that something regarding privacy was going on?



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