2018-06-08 Librem 13 by Purism Mini Review

Today, @simon_brooke asked me about the laptop I got half a year ago. How’s the build quality?

Let me start by saying that I know very little about these things. Overall, I’m happy. We still have a Mac PowerBook and I no longer use it.

The negatives:

  1. when I got it, it soon broke down and I had to get it replaced; customer service was very friendly, though
  2. they keyboard is not perfect, sometimes shift doesn’t quite register and I think it’s sometimes creaking – rare, but I noticed it
  3. the lid doesn’t move easily which means opening the lid = lifting the laptop, sometimes

While travelling in Japan I wondered whether the laptop’s wifi was worse than my phone’s wifi. I never figured it out and back at home it just means that I can’t use wifi on the balcony, with the glass door closed, 10m from the router who’s in a closet behind a wall... I think that’s OK.



I just tried to watch a movie using HDMI and was unable to do it. So either the cable is borked, or the default setup is not usable.

– Alex Schroeder 2018-09-01 11:24 UTC

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