2018-06-14 Surveillance Capitalism

«In his 1964 book, One-Dimensional Man, philosopher Herbert Marcuse argued that in technologically advanced societies totalitarianism can be imposed without terror. This occurs through the transformation of private life into part of an overall system of domination. For Marcuse, the sphere of mass consumption, for instance, went beyond fulfilling basic needs to provide more comfort, luxury and affluence. These incentives not only mask the everyday oppressions that people experience, but they also act as a veneer that traps people’s imaginations from envisioning a different, possibly better way of living.» – Mass Surveillance and “Smart Totalitarianism” by Chris Spannos

I think we just need to talk more about the dead world politics and capitalism is steering us towards, and we need to play and party harder. George Herbert apparently said “living well is the best revenge” and it surely must also be the best role model.

Have fun. Denounce the idiocy of the system whenever you feel like it but without getting you down. Don’t let them grind you down. Remember, living well is key.

But some things are easy: buy less, work less, care less.

Don’t read the daily news. Know enough about current events to make decisions but not enough to bring you down. Read a weekly paper, or dip into the river of news online, but do it rarely.

If you make enough money to live, don’t work more to earn more.



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