2018-06-29 A Project For One

In a different context and elsewhere, @linkskywalker gave some advice on things to do for a community. Here’s what he said, slightly edited such that it applies to any community, not just the specific community he was talking about:

Alright, you asked for my advice and thoughts, so I’m gonna give ’em to ya. Gonna give ’em to ya hard. Forgive me for being repetitious.

I like your idea. I think it’s a good idea. The community has needs, you want to fill those needs, and that’s good shit. I need for you to succeed, and that’s why I want you to scale that shit back.

Do something small. Do something sustainable. Don’t expect people to help you, but leave a window open for people to help you. If you start with focused intent, and manageable goals, then you’ll be able to see this through no matter what happens.

Bigger projects work because they got money. We don’t have money. Money is not the resource we’re operating on here. Time is what we have to spend, and you can only spend your own.

A small, consistent good is better than a big, short-lived good.

It seems like there’s a lot of things you want. All of these things are good. I say: pick one of them. When I get the sense that what you’re most passionate about something then that’s good shit. Do that.

Do something that one person can do.

It’s also a goal that is clear and easy to understand. If you say “Hey guys, I’m trying to make the one grand mega site, does anyone wanna help me?” then nobody is gonna know what you fuckin’ mean. They’re gonna wonder “why should I write for this guy when I could just write for my own blog?”

If you say “Guys, I want to make a resource for new people, will you help me?” then people still might not help you, but at least they’ll understand what you’re doing. They’ll see how it has value as a stand-alone project separate from their individual blog, and will be more inclined to offer help.

I think this is excellent advice. It applies to so many individual efforts. Thank you for writing it.



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