2018-08-04 Recipes

I recently asked @pinkprius: If there was a wiki where you could publish recipes, would you do it? @wion at one point mentioned he’d be interested; @tomasino has recipes on his gopher site – someday I think we need alternatives to the ad-ridden recipe sites we find online... But I only have two recipes on my blog, haha. So I wonder: where would I get others from?

Pink Prius created a etherpad for brainstorming. What would the ideal recipe website would look like and what features it would have? If you are interested to use a non-commercial recipe collection feel free to edit and expand.

My own thoughts:

And now there’s a prototype...

Here’s what I would add:

Here’s how I would work on improving the prototype (coming from a software development background):




@switchingsocial suggested Cookbook (which is part of Wiki Books and it seems to be really close. It’s a wiki. It appears to have no ads. The user interface is crowded, unfortunately. But perhaps it would work? I was looking at Dessert → Brownies → Fudge Brownies. That’s pretty cool.

– Alex Schroeder 2018-08-04 22:54 UTC

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