2018-08-05 Recipe Wiki

I was thinking this Recipe Wiki, again.

How do we want to proceed?

As a general principle, I think we need to focus on “stories” – or “use cases” if you want. If we can talk about the kinds of things to do on the site, then people writing the code (like me) can then use the tools at their disposal, make their own decisions regarding database, architecture, and so on. In my specific case, for example, I’m not ready to spend the necessary time and effort to write a new app from the ground up, or learn a new technology or framework. That obviously limits the scope of what I can offer to do significantly. It basically has to be doable with some hacking of Oddmuse, or I won’t have the time to do anything. This is a terrible position to start a project, I know. But we’re all constrainted in various ways, and these are my constraints, unfortunately.

Why do we need a simple recipe wiki?

But what about demand? I have no idea. Is a site for a dozen active editors demand enough? It will never make financial sense, of course. In that sense, there will never be enough demand. But I would like it. Perhaps three of us would like it. Perhaps we’ll find more. And if we don’t, let there be an export function to get the plain text of all the wiki pages and we can do with the recipes whatever we want.

What about growth? What will we do when we’re suddenly popular? The simple answer is that we will deal with it when we get there. We could also encourage others to put up a copy of their own. We can write setup instructions and provide a way to download all the recipes so that they can upload them on to their own site. There are various ways we could interoperate. The following technologies already exist:

These are related concepts which don’t actually exist. Prototypes were developed years ago and never went anywhere.

In short, many ideas exist but none actually got any traction. I think Wikipedia and the like all grew along the conventional axis: big, centralized, easier to maintain, no fragmentation, maximum value. That doesn’t mean other wikis have to follow that model, though.



Well, Ward tries to solve this with his Federated Wiki. Or so I think. To be honest whenever I look at it I don’t really understand it.

But why do you need to solve this as a service? Set up your own wiki for your own recipes. Tell your friends to have their own (wiki, blog, github page whatever). Maybe maintain a “blogroll” (remember those?). And if you have someone without their own space, invite them to use yours.

Anyway, here are mine: http://notes.splitbrain.org/rezepte:rezepte

Andreas Gohr 2018-08-05 21:32 UTC

I like the way you are thinking! I guess for a moment I was hypnotized by the Mastodon/Fediverse groove I’ve been caught up in. Not everything needs to be federated, for sure. And perhaps the simple fact that almost no wiki is goes to show that no such need actually exists.

And now I’ll take a look at your recipes. :)

– Alex Schroeder 2018-08-05 22:25 UTC

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