2018-09-05 Pick Five RPG Games

Pick5Games was a hashtag on Mastodon... I have two sets of answers, one for video games and one for role-playing games. These are the role-playing games I like:

That’s it, I think.

King Arthur Pendragon has traits which I love but character generation is a pain and combat is wonky, the winter phase was boring. Enthused: 2013-05-17 Pendragon RPG. Sobering up: 2014-01-18 Pendragon and the Great Pendragon Campaign.

Diaspora is a Fate for a Traveller-style game and I switched a Traveller campaign to Diaspora in an effort to save it many years ago. But Fate points make the game fundamentally boring for me. And without Fate points all the aspects are irrelevant and so it’s all downhill from there. Curious: 2009-11-18 Traveller or Diaspora. No bennies: 2012-02-28 I don't like Bennies.

I really wanted to like Luke Crane games. I think it was @Judd and his posts about orcs that sent me down this path. I bought Burning Wheel (the four books back before the golden edition); Burning Empires; Mouse Guard; The Blossoms Are Falling; and the PDF of Torchbearer. I read Jihad. But whenever we tried these games, they fell flat. It was too meta! Too much thinking about Artha and Beliefs and tests and not enough action and immersion.

I like the idea of Powered by the Apocalypse games and I have PDFs of many of them and I bought the paper version of Sagas of the Icelanders. I think the reason these games did not make it into my top five are twofold:

So I steal what I can and play other games.

Games designed for short campaigns or one-shots are just harder to be enthusiastic about. The Mountain Witch and In a Wicked Age both are perfect games for one-shots!



I’m curious, what did you pick for video games? (I should probably start using Mastodon, too, come to think of it)

Ynas Midgard 2018-09-05 11:36 UTC

Just for you! 2018-09-05 Pick Five Video Games. :)

– Alex Schroeder 2018-09-05 15:18 UTC

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