2018-10-02 Work

Back at work. No time to immerse myself in my current pet project. No time to immerse myself in my current book. No time to paint or run or go for long walks. Summer break feels like unfolding butterfly wings. Returning to the office in autumn feels like Moloch and Mammon having paved the way for me to have my soul stretched thin.

And yet, I don’t see how else we will organize society. Just all of us working a bit less sounds like a good start. I’m reading about the history of Vietnam and how productivity of the North north declined sharply as soon as they realized that hard work wasn’t paying off.

The book is harsh. By the end of the chapter I’m reading it has become clear that the North was in the clutches of a Stalinist police state with Chinese self-criticism sessions, forced confessions, torture and injustice and the South was in the clutches of a military dictatorship with rent extraction, an extreme wealth gap, secret police, torture and injustice... Uuuugh! Poor Vietnam!

At least for now, setting up development environments and onboarding is slow, but not bad. :)



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