2018-10-16 Diaspora

I recreated a Diaspora account, just in case Diaspora takes off instead of Old School RPG blogging. All I know is I’m not following the gamers from one proprietary silo (Google+) to another proprietary silo (MeWe).

“Can Diaspora be G+ 2.0? It seems way less shady than MeWe. Aspects look to be exactly the same as circles. You can post publicly, like this, or privately to one of your aspects. Posts support all of Markdown, so you they can be much richer than what you can share on Google+ currently. You can’t edit your posts, though. (Like Twitter, I guess.) Still, everything about this seems better than MeWe.” – Ramanan, on Diaspora



Hah, @dredmorbius is also on Diaspora. A long post: Community or Features. I recommend reading it. Related to 2018-08-30 Dogpiling Wil.

– Alex Schroeder 2018-10-18 19:58 UTC

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