2018-10-30 Fascism

The result in Brazil reminds me of the sad fact that somehow the world is falling under the shadow of fascism again, on our watch. If you’re over forty like I am: who else are you going to blame? And those who did try to warn the rest felt the Kassandra effect. Every year the situation gets worse. And like the climate catastrophe, this Titanic will not change its course until it crashes into the iceberg, or so it seems. AfD got seats in Hessen, Germany. The shadow of fascism is everywhere.

Some people will say that war or something like that will “solve” these issues. But to think that only violence will solve the problem is a laziness of thought, a lack of imagination. Changes are possible. War is not inevitable. Many struggles did not end in war. Switzerland had a fascists party during the war years that did not get to power. Portugal got rid of Salazar without a civil war. The former Eastern Block got rid of communism without civil war.

And now I’m listening to the History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps podcast episode ’Democracy and the History of Philosophy’. Apparently Trump just got elected. 😟

(For future readers: Bolsonaro was voted into office.)



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