2018-10-30 Knives

Some people are writing about knives over in Gopherland: Tomasino writes about knives, Solderpunk writes about knives, tfurrows writes about his knife.

I have very little to say about knives except for this:

  1. I only really have one sharp knife I care about in the kitchen. It’s old and nothing special, but I keep it sharp and cut everything with the same knife. We have a smaller knife that’s also sharp but we only use it when my wife helps out in the kitchen. I do all of the cooking, though, so it is rarely used. We also had a sharp ceramic knife but it was brittle and I couldn’t sharpen it myself. So eventually it got dumped. And we have another ceramic knife with the typical bread cutter blade, but I don’t like using it on bread. Both ceramic knives were present. But I just want to keep using my cheap old knife that I can keep as sharp as I please.
  2. When eating meat in a restaurant I am often astonished at how useless the knives are. As a present, we got a set of Laguiole cutlery including knives, with wonderful juniper handles, and when you open that cupboard the smell alone is little miracle. So beautiful, so sharp, so wonderful.
  3. I live in Switzerland. Those Swiss “army” pocket knives are everywhere. We have five or six. One includes a fork and a spoon. One is “for golfers”, one “for fishermen”, one “for people in IT”. It’s silly. When we go for a walk and we think we’ll need to cut some bread, cheese or apples, we take one alone. It doesn’t really matter which one. They’re all good. They say that in the army, the officers and the common soldiers have different knives. One of them has the tool to open beer bottles, the other one to open wine bottles. Old arrogance, reflected in our tools. This is embarassing.



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