2018-11-01 Politics

Sometimes I feel that the problems we have with fascism everywhere (sadly I feel like I need to read Umberto Eco’s essay on Ur-Fascism every year, now) are somewhat related to our disdain for politics when we were young. The Cold War was on and we thought ideologies were stupid, and Communism and Capitalism and all the other -isms were stupid, we felt that people cared about concrete things, objective things, down to earth topics. And so we didn’t get into politics and we didn’t connect with similar minded people and we didn’t organize.

Without knowing it, we had become part of Neoliberalism. The individual was the thing. We wanted to work as much or as little as we wanted. We wanted to be paid for what we delivered and we thought that seniority was stupid. Also, we thought we were very smart since so many other people had obviously stupid ideas.

Oh well, and then time passed and we’re still not ruling the world and today I read an essay that I felt I should have read twenty years ago.

So you want to reform democracy has many good points.

For myself, I think talking about politics in my circle of friends and at work in a joking way, simply demonstrating that politics is important, that we should all work hard at making good decisions when we do got to vote, and facilitating activities that bring people together, be it role-playing gamers or bloggers, that in itself is something that improves society, makes it more resilient, increases the number of friends we have. It’s not much but it’s something I know how to do.



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