2018-11-04 No Future

I don’t know what it is. Ever since I set up the RPG Planets because I wanted to do a little something to support blogs in the face of Google+ going down I’ve been reading more blogs, and Brad J Murray’s blog in particular. Is he on fire or what? Did I miss all his blogging for years?

Well, just now Brad writes about post apocalyptic gaming and how he was basically traumatized by the idea of not having a future for fear of nuclear war.

Ouch, this one goes deep. Here I am, a childless nihilist and the world did not burn after all! I guess I should be happy, now. But waking up from the nightmare of no future, of reading about the blind children in our future, of seeing the mushroom clouds again and again in the movies, I still feel unease. Did this not happen? All these stories start shaping the realities we live in and when they turn out to be wrong, it’s as if part of your reality was wrong, too.

Should I have led a different life?

Well, with the sixth mass extinction event life in the news, perhaps I can go back to my nihilist self. After all, children are out of the question. It’s too late for us.

Everything’s too late.

I do like the blogs coming back, though!



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