2018-11-14 Firefox Setup

New laptop at the office... These settings reflect my own compromise between usability, security and privacy. I’ll try to comment my choices, though.


uMatrix requires some interaction every now and then. You’ll get the hang of it, eventually. :)

For about:config:

media.autoplay.default = 1

(1 means always block, 2 means you want to be prompted for every site that tries to autoplay...)

If all the text seems too small to read comfortably, use the following instead of zooming every page to 133%:

layout.css.devPixelsPerPx = 1.3

Sadly I don’t remember what else to change right now!

Remember that you can import your bookmarks from an old profile via the library / bookmark manager.

The rest of this page is about your preferences. Depending on your version of Firefox or PureBrowser or whatever you are using, the exact labels might differ.

This is from the preferences in search (the looking glass icon).

This is from the preferences in privacy/security (the padlock icon).



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