2018-11-20 No blocking on Diaspora

Two people in my Diaspora circles have said that they miss blocking. Apparently there’s no way to block somebody on Diaspora. We can debate all the technical ways this can be circumvented anyway, but the main point is that this seems to be a feature people expect. Too bad it isn’t there, yet. Is there a Diaspora roadmap somewhere?

Can blocking be abused? Probably. The culture wars are sad and I don’t know how blocking plays into it. I suspect it’s but a small cog in the war machine. And I know I used killfiles in the days of USENET and I use /ignore on IRC and so on. So… yes, forgive and forget and culture war and all that, but also mental health and having control over one’s environment.

As it is, the ability to ignore people Well, it’s not enough for me. If people get on my nerves, I don’t want to get notified by their comments, and ignore does that. I also don’t want to see their comments on the posts of our mutual connections, however.

Interesting discussion from 2011: Ban/block/mute user #1734. It’s strange to read the explanation regarding federation and knowing that it works well enough in Mastodon.



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