2018-11-20 Old Dwarf Drawings

I remember having drawn some pictures for the campaign with DM Peter. Let me check the Grenzmarken campaign wiki. My character was the dwarf wizard Gar. He was slightly disgusting and cowardly but friendly. He liked to wear his signature helmet of the (useless) ram. [1]

Portrait of a dwarf

Taking cover behind a dead wolf [2]:

Dwarf taking cover behind a dead wolf

Spider climbing a tower and fighting off an ogre using some sort of ray magic [3]:

Dwarf spider-climbing a tower and casting a spell at an ogre

The party misses the witch because she flies away [4]:

Party misses the witch flying away

My dwarf also learned the fly spell [5]:

Flying dwarf

Bonus! The owlbear crushes a party member [6]:

Owlbear crushes a party member

This might be my first RPG-related drawing, actually.

Here, a tentacle thing grabbed my wizard [7]

Tentacle thing grabs a dwarf

This was actually submitted to the Erol Otus Art Challenge in 2009 and got an honourable mention. So proud! :)



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