2018-11-30 Ship «Hoffnung»

I’ve continued writing on Cosmic Voyage.

(First instalment: 2018-11-28 Cosmic Voyage.)

-+-+-+- Regular Report -+-+-+- C98.204 -+-+-+- Orange      -+-+-+-
Dr. med. Ursula Hägi reporting on the second scheduled inspection. The
passenger status in cryo sleep is nominal. We have had no failures. My
companion for this round is Dr. phys. Hans Peter Frey. We've spent the
first two days reviewing the logs. Today Hans Peter found that the
cryo programming has been manipulated. I think he's a bit out of his
league. I tried helping out but in the end we just set the ship AI to
work. We're training an adversarial security network as we speak,
hoping to quickly isolate the misbehaving parts. The problem with this
approach is that we won't be able to learn what the saboteurs had
intended to do. Terrorists? Down-Earthers? Sometimes I wish we had
better military personnel on board. But who am I going to warm up? No,
we'll just let the ship work on it and if we get results in two days,
a warning for the next inspection team will have to do. Peace.
-+-+-+ End of Report -+-+-+ HAEUR -+-+-+ 

And my ship was mentioned by Tim Fletcher, Chief Engineer of the Garnet Star:

Herbert @ Hoffnung: Good to hear things are going well for you. I'm
glad you were able to catch that hydro leak early. Kell and I have
been running all over, looking over logs. We haven't found anything
amiss, which always bothers me. I'm sure something will turn up.

And so I wrote a reply for the Garnet Star, too:

-+-+-+- Inter Ship Relay -+-+-+- C98.204 -+-+-+- Orange      -+-+-+-
Dr. med. Ursula Hägi to Chief Engineer Tim Fletcher, Garnet Star. I
received your transmission and relayed your regards to Dr. med.
Herbert Wullschlegel. He's currently in cryo. I'm sorry to hear that
you have encountered navigational hazards on the way out. We're also
due in about 70 years, so hopefully we'll have some positive news to
report at around the same time as you. New results from TRAPPIST-1d
observations by our telescope indicate no changes compared to existing
data: very dry, having one ocean, orbiting the ultracool dwarf star
TRAPPIST-1, in the habitable range. I wish you good luck, Garnet Star!
-+-+-+ End of Report -+-+-+ HAEUR -+-+-+ 

And I have a new instalment prepared! I’m still trying to find a way to turn this from the Alien dystopia into Solarpunk. Spoilers, I guess? “Solarpunk is a Revolt of Hope Against Despair.”

(Continued in 2018-12-02 Writing Science Fiction.)



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