2018-12-02 Writing Science Fiction

Yeah, Science Fiction, speculative fiction. I think I like it best when the story is in “the future” but relatable. The only thing this adds is a sort of tech “magic”, the “tech babble” words that incite the imagination, and at least one extrapolation of a social idea. What if ... ? And so for my story of the Swiss ship Hoffnung I have decided to be inspired by the political conflicts shaping Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. (See Mars trilogy on Wikipedia.) In particular:

Is there a way to return to peace? Remember post-war Germany was full of Nazis. All the judges were still the same. Almost the entire elite continued in their position of power. No wonder the younger generation was pissed. But it’s that old wisdom: people don’t change their mind, they die and get replaced by others with different opinions (which they then also don’t change). How do we break through this?

I have no idea how this story is going to end.

(Continued from 2018-11-30 Ship «Hoffnung».)

-+-+-+- Social Report -+-+-+- D33.112 -+-+-+- Orange -+-+-+-
Samuel Hochueli speaking in the name of the free anarcho-communist
commune-ship Hoffnung. We hereby declare our independence from
shareholders and all contracts the previous owners of Hoffnung entered
in. We consider these to be null and void. The resources of this ship
have been claimed by the people, for the people. The regular crew you
employed continues to sleep safely in its cryo sleep. While they
sleep, we woke early and plan the new future for TRAPPIST-1d. We
reject the old plans of a shipping outpost, a refueling station, an
industrial hell hole; instead, we proclaim intellar siblingtude with
all native life in the One ocean. We shall build a new society, free
from late stage capitalism. Philomena Auerbach has redone our recent
nav-vectors and we shall land the ship on TRAPPIST-1d. Do not expect
the promised refueling station when you come there. Instead, we await
new settlers willing to join the first interstellar utopia. Welcome.
-+-+-+ End of Report -+-+-+ Signed SAHOC -+-+-+ 

And today:

-+-+-+- Sidechannel -+-+-+- C33.257 -+-+-+- Ultraviolet -+-+-+-
Wullschlegel awake. Activating secret security protocol 9a.7.
-+-+-+ End of Sidechannel -+-+-+ Signed HEWUSC -+-+-+ 

See Cosmic Voyage for more.



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