2018-12-03 Fennel

Fennel is a Lisp that translates straight to Lua. I’d like to learn more about it because @technomancy writes a spaceflight progamming game called Bussard using it.

So I’m doing Advent of Code using Fennel. I’m three days in and I like it so far.

Some weird things I’ve noticed:

  1. There are no breaks from loops! Thus, while you can write a loop with an explicit exit condition like (while (not done?) ...) you have no way to exit a loop like (each [key value (pairs table)] ...).
  2. I miss so many Lisp things, like ... lists! There seem to be no lists in this language. How the hell is this a Lisp? Oh well. Apparently you can use Lua tables as lists, but I keep using them as maps/hashes/dictionaries.
  3. If you use let to create a local binding, you can’t set it! That’s weird for somebody like me who’s used to Emacs Lisp.

If you want to look at my code, take a look at the 2018 folder in my advent repository.



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