2018-12-20 Megadungeon Podcast

Judd Karlman mentioned Carl of the Megadungeon podcast in his own podcast, Daydreaming About Dragons. So I went looking. I found The Megadungeon, which looks like the right place, but try as I might, I couldn’t find a good feed that would work on my podcasting app. All I could find was the feed for the blog. Until I discovered a slightly different domain, without HTTPS, but with a feed that seems to work.

I should send Carl an email and ask him. Or if you already know, please leave a comment down below. :)

I loved his episode 3, Interview with Che Webster. They talk about Caverns of Thracia (which I also ran a few years ago), but in the intro they talk about the benefits of B/X, Basic and Expert D&D from the early eighties! Character creation is fast, combat is fast, the rules are simple. That’s why Halberds & Helmets is basically a house ruled variant of it (via Labyrinth Lord).

Another thing that matches my experience: when playing with kids, don’t treat them like kids. They don’t want to play a kids game. I did not when I was a kid and they still don’t.



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