2018-12-21 Blogs on the fediverse

Does it make sense to have a blog on the fediverse?

My blog on the fediverse (not self hosted: @darius wrote RSS to ActivityPub Converter and hosts it on his bots subdomain):

I was talking to @ckeen and @carbontwelve about it.

I guess I could try and get the mentions of the blog post and cross-post them to the blog – which might work if people knew about it.

I had something set up that basically queried the instance for the toot context and included it, but for my regular account I felt this didn’t match the expectations of people commenting. But for a bot account it might work.

Now that I’ve seen the first toot, I’m not sure what to make of it. The formatting is still a bit wonky. I would have liked the image to be used for the bot.

Actually, the current RSS to ActivityPub Converter is very simple: it doesn’t provide a complete web interface which is why the the link to the profile works, but you can’t actually follow the links to the individual posts. And if you can’t visit the post then you can’t “link” from your blog post to the fediverse post. It’s not accessible via the web. (that makes sense because the original is available via the web).

My first thought was that now if you want to transclude all the replies to the post, you basically have to link to a copy of the post on a different instance, and thus you don’t get to see the entire context. Which perhaps is good because if you pick the instance where you main account is, then at least all the default blocks are in place.

So, in this case, it would be this toot on octodon.social, but now that I’m testing it from a private browsing window, it redirects me to the originating URL, which is on Darius’ server which doesn’t work. Perhaps if Darius then redirected that request to the original blog post, the UI problem would disappear, but we could still not use transclusion to get all the replies.

Oh well. I’m talking to Darius on Mastodon. This is a cool project. :)



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