2018-12-22 Episode 05

Podcast I think I will podcast like I run my games: don’t save good ideas for later. Use them now. you will have new good ideas. I mean, I don’t see myself podcasting in five years, so I just need to get it out of the system, experience the podcasting life, and if there’s nothing to talk about in the end, then the rest is silence. Wittgenstein was a podcaster!

Today I’m looking at thieves and normal humans. That leads me to how skill checks work (1 in 6), how thieves have better skills (2 in six, but getting better as you gain levels), how does surprise work (2 in six, or do something surprising), substituting a d30 for a d20 once a day (to increase your chances of a critical hit), max damage on critical hits, +4 to hit, and two handed swords again (think Iaido, or Ninjas); and normal humans brings me to torch bearers and porters, and what to do with magic users wielding weapons, or thieves and magic users wearing armour. They just fight like normal humans, problem solved.


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