2018-12-23 Podcasting

My feeling when I began recording a few experimental podcasts was that, if I were to give a lot of time to it, I could make a polished show but that I wouldn’t earn money from any such thing because of the obscurity of my interests. Bring down the level of investment of time it becomes something different, more shambolic but, hopefully, endearing and authentic for a niche audience... – @krozruch

I’ve been podcasting! I’m six very short periods in and I’m feeling good. This is how I prep:

Peparing for the podcast

Scribbling on the printout! The result is Halberds and Helmets Podcast.

I’m slowly starting to find more of those single person RPG podcasts. It feels like a new medium. I just discovered that Tim Shorts of Gothridge Manor is 123 episodes in. Wow!

I guess that the call-in episodes, where you play calls from other people, often podcasters themselves, ends up being a bit like a blog roll, a comment, a link to their own podcasts. It’s weird and slow and audio only, but it sort of works. It reminds me of a thought I had where I felt that using an uncomfortable user interface to do things, hoping to slow everything down getting over the feeling of information overload.

@ckeen says: “A lot of hacker public radio are lo fi productions, sometimes people just talking to an answering machine. Some hosts have a script prepared and present that. Some speak freely...” @klaatu and @PresGas agree.



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