2018-12-25 Episode 07

Podcast We came from another Christmas dinner and I wasn’t feeling like going to bed. So I recorded an episode, realised that it was too long and split it in two. Audacity for the win!

We’re talking about rolling starting gold and thinking of your parent’s background. Is this social standing, like in Traveller? We have never used it. And I’m talking about the benefits of a character generator, again. I have a little note on how to buy equipment for a new character. I need this description to tell my character generator how to buy starting equipment!

And then I go through the list of weapons. Polearms leads me to talking about fighting from the second rank, again.


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I am listening to my own podcast and my past self is convincing my present self to make changes to the books! So now I removed the parent background table and put the rule of thumb (since this is a list, do I call it a rule of thumbs? Or the rules of thumb?) at the enter of it.

New bottom of page 6

– Alex Schroeder 2019-01-02 09:05 UTC

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