2019-01-04 Treasure on the Map

I’ve added the new treasure types to Hex Describe. This is basically my test for the real world. When I read the generated mini-campaign setting, do I like what I see? Boring magic items? Stupid lairs? Details I should add? And then I just keep working on the thing that bothers me.

More monster stats and treasure types from my Referee Guide, magic items, treasure maps... and I still want to add so much!

Wouldn’t it be cool to add maps from my Megadungeon Generator? Maybe add styles? Eleven towers, dwarves forges, abandoned mines... and stock them! Hah, it would never end. But perhaps ideas which the referee then expands upon. Just enough to kick myself out of the same old head space. Otherwise all my towers look the same, all my characters behave the same...

Things I’d like to improve:

Tags: Hex Describe


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