2019-01-05 Episode 11

Podcast Basic terms, hopefully in the right order for a newbie to read: I want to make sure they understand the difference between player and player character because that can help defuse difficult situations at the table; experience points, level, hit points, saving throw, the usual stuff, nothing new; circle is what I’m trying to use instead of spell level! We use the word “level” for dungeon level, character level, and spell level. This is my attempt to talk about “spells from the first circle” instead of “first level spells.” Do you think this is going to work? I have my doubts but I’m not yet ready to give up. And finally, the two most important terms: reaction roll and morale check. Important stuff if you don’t want your game to be about combat all the time.

I didn’t talk too much about it. There’s still time to talk about it when we talk about combat rules. But combat is just one of the ways to enforce consequences. For me, it is not the core experience at the table.


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