2019-01-28 Old RPG Blog Lists

I found my old OPML file from 2008 and extracted the link to the various news sources I was following at the time. Some are still around!

I saved a copy back when I joined to the RPG Bloggers Network. Do you remember that site? Its imminent demise back in 2009 made me think about starting my own two RPG Planets. Back in 2011 the OSR RPG Blog Planet had over 300 blogs! And please remember: there are two new, opt-in RPG Planets you can join if you run a blog. Please join!

In 2008, I played D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder. So many Live Journal accounts! Eric Mona, Jason Buhlman, Mike Mearls, Monte Cook, Ryan Dancey, Sean K Reynolds, Wolfgang Baur, they were all there. Where did they all go? I guess the players of D&D 5E and Pathfinder would know, but I don’t. So much enthusiasm! Jason Buhlman turning his house rules into Pathfinder. Eric Mona doing the Dungeon & Dragon magazines, the Adventure Paths (I bought all the Dungeon issues for Savage Tide, I ran Shackled City, I bought all the Pathfinder Adventure Path issues up to #60), and Pathfinder itself, and the Planet Stories books! Mike Mearls got published by Monte Cook with Iron Heroes. Monte Cook published Ptolus and other books. I finally realised that I could buy PDFs. Ryan Dancey brought us the Open Gaming License and the slow trickle of rule alternatives turned into retro-clones and the Old School Renaissance (OSR). And Sean K Reynolds wrote his D&D 3.5 stuff and then he wrote for Pathfinder. And Wolfgang Baur had patrons before there was a company called Patreon! I bought the second and third Open Design PDFs from him.

Time flies.

And now Google+ is sinking and people are going to MeWe (don’t leave for another silo!), Pluspora, Mastodon...

And another thing I noticed when I looked at the list: there was not a single HTTPS link. How things have changed!

Let me quickly check the list for you: πŸ‘οΈ β†’ the site is still online, β›” β†’ site not accessible, πŸ˜• β†’ not an RPG blog.

It’s been a long time!

I guess of all these sites, the one that I find still interesting is Trollsmyth. Thanks!



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