2019-02-05 More Blogs

Saker Tarsos writes on G+:

PSA while G+ is still up: UPDATE YOUR BLOGROLLS!

They will become extremely important once G+ dies.

If there are blogs on your roll that haven’t updated in years, consider giving that space to some of the new creators that have entered the scene! If you’re the owner of a popular blog, it could make a massive difference for a tiny blog to end up on your blogroll. Let the Blogosphere flourish!

Advertise your blog in the comments so people (or just me) can add you to their blogrolls.

Here’s my shameless self-promotion: https://tarsostheorem.blogspot.com/. Add it to your blogrolls! You know you want to!

Other great blogs you may or may not know about:

Quite a few blogs I hadn’t seen before!

I’d love to see them all join the Planets.

In order to keep the blogosphere alive we need to link to other blogs, spread the word, do the recommending that Facebook and Google+ did for us. Out with the algorithms, back with the word of blog, I guess. 😊



Still scary: currently 99 out of 147 blogs on the OSR RPG Planet are hosted by Blogspot. 67%! I sure hope Google doesn’t pull the plug on all those blogs.

– Alex Schroeder 2019-02-05 11:07 UTC

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