2019-02-06 Blogging on Campaign Wiki

I’m a bit worried that 67% of all the blogs on the OSR RPG Planet depend on Google via Blogspot. I mean, it enabled blogging for a whole generation, I think. But notice how I’m blogging on a wiki... And I’m hosting CampaignWiki.

So… Can we blog, there? I think we can.

Visit the homepage and use a simple name for your blog:

Image 1 for 2019-02-06 Blogging on Campaign Wiki

You are now in “your” wiki. It’s empty. Notice the simple “New” link up there!

Image 2 for 2019-02-06 Blogging on Campaign Wiki

It helpfully suggests simply using today’s date as the page name. But feel free to add some more text.

Image 3 for 2019-02-06 Blogging on Campaign Wiki

You are now editing the page with that name! Write some stuff.

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And when you save: there you go!

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If you get to this stage and want to keep going, I can help.

There’s also a simple help page, and an advanced help page.

I’d suggest to start simple. 😊

I definitely want to emphasize the simplicity of it all. It’s not a great platform. Image hosting is limited. Markup is weird but you can switch to a non-standard Markdown variant. There’s RSS feeds and comments. There’s a way to get all your pages as HTML or plain text for backup. There’s a way to change the look and feel via CSS.



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