2019-02-06 Join one of the RPG Planets!

Ben recently posted How I plan to keep up with the OSR post G+. I like it!

I sorted the blogs into best and the rest, check in on the best every day, and skim the rest when I feel like it. It’s been incredibly freeing. The stuff I’m reading is as good as it ever was, it’s longer, more thoughtful, and by commenting on the post itself rather than on a separate platform the conversation stays focused and gets archived more permanently. It’s also motivated me to start writing posts in response to stuff I like, which is something I’ve never done before. To be honest, I’m enjoying this mode of discussion more than G+ in some ways. – Ben

Personally, I still have a hard time leaving comments on most of the blogs. But I’ll get there, eventually.

Anyway, what I wanted to get to was the following reminder: if you have a RPG blog with either OSR or Indie posts (not necessarily exclusively), please have your blog added to one of these two sites:

Let’s keep the blogs going even if Google+ is going down. This needs resilience. We build resilience by linking to other blogs, commenting on other posts, and picking up topics others are blogging about.

All you need to do is leave a link to your blog in the comments below and I’ll do the rest.

German: see RSP Blogs.



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