2019-02-07 Dungeon World

I’ve been thinking about Dungeon World because I’ve been listening to the Plundergrounds Podcast by Ray Otus. And then I started thinking back. I think all these Powered by the Apocalypse games have something interesting about them, but perhaps it’s just the referee advice, and the strong thematic focus, I don’t know.

Today I was looking at the Old School RPG Planet again, seeing Fighting The Last War (Post-Traumatic Innovation) by Zak S, and following the link to I'm Beginning To Doubt Your Commitment To Killing Space Dracula (More about Dungeon World), which talks about the reasons why Dungeon World doesn’t work for him and his players. And I can relate with so many of these points! (”At no point am I afraid of dying or, really, of any consequences at all.” Yeah.)

One of the reasons I’ve been thinkin about the whole thing recently is because of the artificial distinction between OSR and Indie I’ve added to the two Planets I run – see Indie or not? Is it real? Is it stupid? In the comments I linked to Brad’s post on categorization, but I guess his article new school old school goes in the same direction. And when I read Ben’s post Adventure Game vs OSR, I was wondering about the same thing. What’s the point in making the distinction?

Perhaps it all boils down to the polarizing effect some people have had on the hobby so that in the minds of people, we began to associate the conflict not with the people involved but with the games they played? Perhaps both aspects inform each other, of course.

Anyway, something that I keep thinking about.




I don’t play that much rpg (not as much as I want to do!) I like this guy’s view of dungeon world and DnD. https://youtu.be/ESdNfWLwyvY There’s somthimg nice with the freedom in DW that I like.

So why not mix them both together, DnD and DW

Keep on blogging!

Kristofer 2019-02-07 17:51 UTC

Yeah, if you look at my Dungeon World pages, you’ll see that I’ve been inspired every now and then! 😊

– Alex Schroeder 2019-02-07 22:56 UTC


I’m home and sick so that page will be great reading in bed!

Kristofer 2019-02-08 09:23 UTC

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