2019-02-07 Gender

There’s a good discussion on strong female characters by Noisms in his blogpost Strong Female Characters – and in the comments beneath it – is refreshing in that the talk is about the nuances. Having spent my early teenage years reading Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne McCaffrey, I disagree with some of the points made by the OP and still enjoyed the discussion. Food for thought in any case. And I did not know that the casting for ’Alien’ was unisex.

Yeah, I think I’m interested in seeing more movies written by women, directed by women, and performed by women – but the OP wasn’t actually arguing against that in particular so I felt it unnecessary to leave comment on the blog. Still trying to figure out what I’d write on a blog post of my own. I guess the central point I’d make is Amanda Palmer’s “you can do ANYTHING YOU WANT.” (from real feminists don’t gaze at males)

What I don’t want to do in particular is replace “women must be meek” with just another proscription like “women must be strong”. Just show me more of all life. And like Zak Smith recently said in episode 35 of We Eat Art: the white male cis het existence in itself just isn’t as interesting as it used to be. Show me more than just that.

So yeah. Food for thought. Star Wars, Alien, other stuff, it was interesting to read. I was also reminded of my attempt to randomize sex and age of NPCs. Dishing I’ve been trying to do since 2012. Probably not enough, now that I have read that discussion!

And of course that brings back the importance of sex itself... I need to think about this some more, definitely.

Thanks to @gunnar and @pxi for continuing that discussion on Mastodon with me.



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