2019-02-08 Still No Clerics

I just read JB’s post on clerics, Making Clerics Work, which he wrote in a reaction to video Delta talking with somebody about having eliminated clerics from the game. And so have I!

So how has this been working out at my table?

Clerics that fight are fighters. No problem. Characters still dedicate themselves to this god or that god because I am a strong believer in divine intervention (in the low percentage range, or rolling a 12 with 2d6 in a “divine reaction roll”) and because of diplomatic or political benefits in-game.

Clerics that cast spells are magic users. No problem. I occasionally make cleric spells available so any magic user or elf can learn cure light wounds or silence.

No undead turning. No problem. It just makes undead a little more dangerous as they never fail morale checks.

No holy water. No problem. I removed holy water together with clerics because I didn’t understand the benefit of holy water compared to flaming oil. It seems like flaming oil should work just as well. Same damage! You just save yourself the effort of lighting the oil. Nobody has to throw a torch. But if you have enough retainers, that’s not a problem. In my game, throwing a torch to light the oil is a simple ranged attack vs. AC 9.

Very little healing magic. No problem. I don’t compensate by having many healing potions. Healing just extends the adventure: fights can go longer, or expeditions can go longer because you can go on for one more fight before returning to safety. Whether that matters or not depends on many things, however. In my case, I think there are various other factors coming into play:

So, all in all, removing clerics has been a success in my game.



Appreciate the way you’ve been doing the old school “link to blog posts and comment” thing. Everybody kind of stopped doing that when social media really got big.

Derik 2019-02-08 12:39 UTC

Yeah! Keep the blogosphere alive! 😊

– Alex Schroeder 2019-02-08 13:14 UTC

I’m starting my latest campaign without clerics, but I’m considering reframing them wholesale as weird angelic guardians wandering the human world: https://www.acodispo.net/rpg/posts/malakhim/

acodispo 2019-02-08 14:23 UTC

Nice explanation for their weirdness. 😊

– Alex Schroeder 2019-02-08 14:33 UTC

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