2019-02-14 Trunk Wiki?

I’m starting to feel that maybe I could simply replace the Trunk web app with a wiki. The only drawback is that people could add others without their consent. I wonder how we would handle that… perhaps the accounts added would get mentioned in a direct message and they would only show up on the page after confirming with a reply from their account? Trunk admins could simply keep an eye on the wiki’s recent changes page or something. Anyway, just thinking aloud.



So, what prompted the replacement talk? Is there a difficulty running the bot? I noticed that it does not seem to work for me, and there’s a large field for improvement, even if it did work (e.g. getting removed from the list is not documented and/or implemented).

Pete Zaitcev 2019-05-16 14:40 UTC

I just wonder whether it would be easier to onboard admins. And since more and more pages are editable by admins I started feeling like it was slowly turning into a bad wiki. No page history. No recent changes. No rollbacks.

Removal from the lists works just like additions. An admin has to do that. Same for the bot: the bot simply adds requests to a queue but an admin still has to manually check the queue and approve the request.

– Alex Schroeder 2019-05-16 23:16 UTC

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