2019-02-28 The Curse of YouTube

I think The Curse of YouTube has arrived at last. More and more we meet people who believe shit they saw on YouTube. Incredible shit. Mental shit. Unironic shit. Things you wouldn’t believe!

I mean, the pre-historic astronaut stuff is entertaining. But to actually believe it? To believe something needs to be done about chemtrails but not against all the other dangers to our environment? All sorts of esoteric stuff?

Surely this is a sign of the mental retreat. A useful madness that makes people easy to govern, a frightening madness that makes people easy to excite, as likely to vote for a dictator and a fascist as it makes them likely to abstain from voting altogether. This is the opposite of a politically mature citizen. This is the opposite of what the enlightenment is about.

Anyway. This is happening in Switzerland, today. It makes me unhappy.



Eine (etwa 50-jährige) Person mit angesehener Bildung/Beruf sagte vor kurzem & in vollem Ernst, die Mondlandung gab es nicht. Sprachlos...

– Chris 2019-03-01 17:41 UTC

Gehört irgendwie genau in diese Kategorie von Chemtrails, Flat Earth, Klimaerwärmung ist eine Verschwörung, chinesische Ärzte, die Tumore weghypnotisieren, Licht essen, und dergleichen mehr. Ist das eine Folge von YouTube, oder waren diese Leute schon vorher so‽

– Alex Schroeder 2019-03-01 22:44 UTC

Not to mention the Flatearthers and their efforts to explain everything in new and crazy ways as long as they can keep saying Earth Is Flat.

– Enzo 2019-03-02 11:43 UTC

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