2019-03-07 Life and Death and Social Media

@Fitheach@fitheach recommended Where Does Your Social Media Go When You Die?

“In less than fifty years half your Facebook friends will probably be dead. You probably will be too, but such is life.”

This article is gold!

I’ve been thinking about site death. When something like Google+ or Geocities goes down and takes all the links and all the content down with it, it hurts. Some people will thus tell you to self-host and that’s great. Your site will not go down in your life time. But as I grow older I’m starting to wonder: will there be a turning point when people start telling me to please not self-host? 🤔 💭 💀

I need to find tech savvy friends that I can trust with the keys... I either don’t trust them, or they don’t love Perl. Actually, nobody I know loves Perl.

I should prepare scripts that will replace all the dynamic stuff with a static copy, perhaps? Make it easy for family to execute? Or have it execute automatically once there’s a long period of inactivity?

Static files is best! I need to work on a one-button solution to freeze all the dynamic stuff into static files so that at the very end, somebody can at least upload it to archive.org or something like that.

I mean, it’s not just social media. For example, I’m slowly getting the feeling that my pictures might live longer and end up in long archives had they stayed on Flickr – but now they’re on my site and if I have an accident, I’m not sure my family would know what to do. Perhaps that’s OK, of course. But then again, perhaps they want to keep them for a few years. The pictures are not just my own. My wife also has a right to them.



Ha ha, you’re not alone, I love perl 🙂.

– Marc MILLIEN 2019-03-08 11:09 UTC

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