2019-03-12 Goals for the Spellcasters document

In two of the recent entries I talked about “polishing” the entries. What was I thinking about?

Here is how I started: I generated a random face for every letter of the alphabet, half of them for elves, a quarter for men and a quarter for women. Then I assigned them to letters, picked a name, and wrote the spellbook skeleton for a 10th level spellcaster: three spells of every circle up to fourth, and two spells for fifth.

The next steps would be picking a name or theme for the book (Fire, Earth, Doors, Ropes), write an intro about the lair where they live, the retainers they surround themselves with – and writing the spells.

Ideally, I think, each spellcaster would get a two page spread. So once the spells are done, “polishing” means looking over the spells again, and adding or removing text until I get a nice, full two page spread. I love writing about lairs because those translate very directly into adventures. I’m not adding maps, though.

I guess I could add more artwork. Oops! One day, perhaps...



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