2019-03-22 Ad Blocking

When I hear somebody say that blocking ads is theft the first thing I think is that watching ads is like serving time in prison.

Your life runs through your fingers like sand, wasted on organizations that want to tell you what to buy with the money you earned spending even more time doing things for money instead of doing things for love.

Block all the ads

You might have heard the line “lead us not into temptation” in the Lord’s Prayer (“führe uns nicht in Versuchung” in German). It’s a thing I learned as a kid. It’s what I think of when I see billboards and online ads. These are messages created by companies to make us want things that we do not need. If we needed them, we would have thought of it ourselves. It’s when other people start telling us what we might also want that we make ourselves unhappy.

Block all the ads



What Went Wrong? looks at the beginning of online ads, social media and the development of surveillance capitalism.

– Alex Schroeder 2019-07-15 22:18 UTC

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