2019-04-07 Minecraft

Yesterday we were visiting some friends and their little daughter was at home, I dunno, maybe ten years old? And she played Minecraft on her phone when I looked over her shoulder. We started talking and then she explained that if we were in the same network, we could play in the same world even without a “realm” – and so we tried it, and it worked!

We played for a while, and it was good fun, except that she also thought it was funny to kill me every now and then. Sneaky bastard!

But fun was had and now I’m back at home and thinking about Minecraft.

DM Peter runs a Minecraft realm which I can visit using my Java Edition Minecraft on the laptop.

I have my own little world on the iPad and apparently the phone Minecrafts and the Java Minecrafts are incompatible? Oh well.

On the laptop I also have Minetest installed, but I don’t know anybody playing it.

Well, today I’m going to visit DM Peter’s realm again. See what he’s been up to. I haven’t been there in ages.



I don’t know why I like building roads. Cobble stone roads...

– Alex Schroeder 2019-04-07 17:01 UTC

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