2019-04-13 Gundabad Games

I’d like to recommend this new blog, Gundobad Games. From their latest blog post, Of Bronze, Burning Palaces, and “Certain Kinds of People” - More Musings on Archaeology for RPGs: «First, I briefly describe the peculiarly connected-but-limited world of the Late Bronze Age (LBA) Near East, then discuss that world’s collapse into anarchy at the dawn of the Iron Age. After that I roll up my sleeves and identify some game-able principles for campaign concepts inspired by that setting… As archaeologist Cyprian Broodbank argues in a deliciously memorable and ambivalent statement, we should abandon “the rhetoric of catastrophe, and instead [think] of burning palaces as problem-solving and enabling moments for certain kinds of people.”»


Also, take a long look at that image of Ramesses II storming the Hittite fortress of Dapur, as seen on the Wikipedia page for Ramses II, for example.



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