2019-04-15 Placenames

I realized that my settlements in Hex Describe have no names. Perhaps it’s a good thing? If the village is run by a guy called Marcel, should it be Marcelsby, Marcelden, or perhaps based on the forest or river name? Longton? Shadowsby? I don’t know whether I want to go that route. I think I don’t. But how else to name things? Perhaps simply waiting for the players to name things works just as well. “Remember Marcel the smith’s homestead?” Good enough!

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A reply on Nine and Thirty Kingdoms, Temporary Place Names.

– Alex Schroeder 2019-04-16 21:41 UTC

Something else to consider: Shelby’s blog post on toponymy with things like the following example: Based on a mother city called Iowendawn and the toponyms Umieu-, Teg-, Cos-, it generates Uedestkamtowty, Umieuzowenki, Umieuronwe, and so on.

I’m reminded of how my Traveller generator now tries to generate realms with different “name generator settings” to simulate language groups.

– Alex Schroeder 2019-04-24 11:23 UTC

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