2019-04-20 Sometimes text browsers are the best

Yeah. Look at this! Somebody on Lasagna Social recommended an article about Gene Wolfe on Vice.

Look at all the stuff I’m blocking: the counters in the top right counters – 1 by Privacy Badger, 19 by uBlock Origin, and another 18 by uMatrix. And HTTPS Everywhere forced the upgrade of 8 links to HTTPS (but most of them got blocked anyway). Look at the cookie consent stuff! I think the problem about these consent forms is that the law mandates consent but what readers want is not to consent! (And still read it.)

I am not consenting!

When I look at the cookie preferences, it’s all blocked, too!

I can't consent to what I can't see!

But on a text browser, in this case eww inside Emacs, half a page down, it’s all beautiful!

eww it's Emacs!

Screenshots of a text interface brought to you by the pinnacle of Internet technology and climate warming: the image, instead of colourful text. Wouldn’t that be great? A screenshot tool for text windows that results in HTML in the clipboard or something? Does such a thing exist?

Anyway, half a page down in lynx shows the same, readable result.

Lynx is still around!

So now we can have the best of both words: The web, as seen through tools written for an alternative future, where browsers are not bloated security hazards, the nuclear power plants we can’t live without but whose malfunction we constantly fear and whose operators we don’t trust.

This is the simple web!



Looks like tilix (my terminal emulator) has the option of “Copy as HTML”. So, Ctrl+Shift+A to mark the entire screen, then use the mouse (noooo!) to copy as HTML, and paste into the wiki...

Before the Labyrinthine Lore of 'Dark Souls,' There Was Gene Wolfe - W... (p1 of 12)
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   by Cameron Kunzelman
   Apr 19 2019, 9:01pm

Before the Labyrinthine Lore of 'Dark Souls,' There Was Gene Wolfe

The author of 'The Book of the New Sun' was a master of creating playful and
ambiguous lore.

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   by Cameron Kunzelman
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– Alex Schroeder 2019-04-20 18:56 UTC

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