2019-04-27 RPG feed for this blog

Since I write about many different topics, somebody who’s only interested in a subset of my blog and would like to add a feed to that subset to their blogroll... Here’s how to do it for Blogger, for example.

  1. log in
  2. go to Layout
  3. on the sidebar-right-1, click Add a Gadget
  4. pick Blog List
  5. you should now be on the Configure Blog List form
  6. click Add a blog to your list
  7. provide the URL https://alexschroeder.ch/wiki/feed/RPG
  8. the confirmation should say that the blog’s name is “Alex Schroeder: RPG”
  9. click Save

This is different from providing https://alexschroeder.ch/wiki/RPG (without feed in there) – if you do that, then the confirmation says “Alex Schroeder: Diary” and you’ll see all my blog posts, not just the ones tagged RPG. That’s because every blog page lists all the feeds, including the main feed (”Diary”) and Blogger isn’t smart enough to know that if you’re providing the link to a page called “RPG” that you’re most likely interested in a feed whose name also ends in “RPG”. I mean, it’s obvious to humans, but it isn’t as obvious to computers. Oh well.

This is what it should look like:

My blog in your sidebar

In the example above, the problem is now that clicking on “Alex Schroeder: RPG” you are sent to the feed instead of the page. But if you click on “Encumbrance” you are taken to the correct blog post.

Hm. 🤔

I tried rearranging the feeds in my pages, so when looking at the RPG page the RPG does come first, but to no avail. The Blogger widget still prefers the main (”Diary”) feed over the “RPG” feed.

I also tried providing a link to an HTML alternative, given the feed URL, but that didn’t work out either.


Perhaps I really do need to move from RSS to Atom for this to work?



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