2019-06-21 Gopher Clients for Emacs

“Always two there are...” – Yoda

I’ve been using the Gopher app on my iOS devices for a while, now, as well as VF-1 on the command line. For Emacs, I was using gopher.el. But yesterday, @gcupc mentioned a second Gopher client for Emacs: Elpher. Indeed, there are at least two implementations of everything in Emacs! 😓

The number one thing I’ve thought when I gave Elpher a try was: there’s no browsing history! There’s no way to say “back”, or “next” (if reading a text file in a menu). When I read the History and Caching entry on GitHub, however, it seems that the up command does what I’d think a back command would do.

And something else I’ve noticed: there’s no TLS support. gophers://alexschroeder.ch:7443 can’t be accessed. I’ve added that to gopher.el, I might as well try and add it to Elpher, I guess?

UTF-8 works. 👍



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