2019-06-26 Gopher to HTTP and HTML Proxy

I added a proxy to my Nimi Mute repository. It’s called Nimi Ilo (a “word machine”). The idea is that some kind soul sets it up on the net and you can use your browser to read Gopher pages by setting up a web proxy.

This is stupid because lynx and other Gopher clients already exist, and if you want to browse Gopher via your big browser, you can always use Soweli Lukin or the Floodgap Gopher Proxy. But let’s assume you want to run your own proxy, I guess?

But using a web proxy comes at a cost: all your requests will get sent to the proxy! Thus, you need a setup (a browser profile?) that basically says: I’m only going to browse Gopher sites and only then should you set the proxy.

But if you’re only toying around like I am, you could for example assume that you have access to w3m but not to lynx nor to any other Gopher client (how is this possible!?) and so you you start the proxy:

perl nimi-ilo.pl --port 7080

And then you start w3m:

http_proxy=http://localhost:7080/ w3m http://alexschroeder.ch

You can make it public, protect it using a password and invite others to use it, too...



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