2019-07-01 Soweli Lukin does TLS

Soweli Lukin now does TLS!

I’ve decided to use a kind of “mode.”

  1. if you’re following a gophers link (note the trailing s), you are upgraded to TLS and the TLS checkbox is checked
  2. if you’re following a gopher link (no trailing s), and the TLS checkbox is checked, to app asks you to uncheck the TLS checkbox first

That is, you can’t simply follow a link to an unencrypted site if you’ve been browsing an encrypted site, but you can always follow a link to an encrypted site.

Now, when looking at a Gopher map, we can’t tell whether a link is encrypted or not. It probably isn’t. In this case, if the TLS checkbox is checked and the link points to the same host and the same port, then the link is going to use gophers (with trailing s), and you’ll be fine. Otherwise, it’s going to use gopher (no trailing s), and clicking on it will again ask you to uncheck the TLS checkbox first. The app will also show you a helpful (?) unlocked padlock next to the link... 🔓

If you know that the host and port in question are in fact encrypted, you should change the gopher scheme to gophers (add the trailing s).



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